This April, in honor of Earth Day, celebrated on Sunday, April 22, we are focusing on the importance of nature across our social media properties. In addition, our first Facebook contest of 2012 will be the Kumon Poetry Challenge in celebration of Earth Day. 

The Kumon Poetry Challenge asks students 18 and under from all over North America to celebrate the holiday through poetry. To enter the contest, a student’s parent or guardian submits the student’s poem through Facebook. Six students will each receive $500 and an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City with two of their parents and/or guardians, including a visit to Kumon North America. Please visit the Kumon Facebook page starting at noon EST on April 17 to find out more and submit your child’s poem.

This month’s series of parenting articles on Facebook will also focus on poetry and the environment. Here are upcoming articles planned for April:

• Poetry 101: Tips and Ideas for Great Poems — A feature to help students as they craft submissions for the Kumon Poetry Contest, this article will also help parents explain poetry to younger children. It will cover each of the format options for the contest, explaining them and list additional resources. In addition, the article will discuss the role of poetry in the Kumon Reading Program.
• Kumon’s Guide to Celebrating Earth Day Every Day — Toru Kumon’s mission for Kumon was “to foster sound, capable people and thus contribute to the global community.” In that spirit, this feature will provide information about Earth Day, ideas for celebrating the holiday at home and examples families can use to treat the Earth better. From composting and gardening, to reducing, reusing and recycling, it is important for parents to set an example for their children as we all work to become better stewards of our planet.

Visit the Kumon Facebook page, where we share daily tips and inspiration, educational news stories, student success stories and books from the Recommended Reading List. Please join our Facebook community to benefit from our exciting, parent-focused content. 


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This activity will help students develop their skills in poetry writing as well as their vocabulary skills. Students will learn what a poem is and will be able to learn about the different elements of poetry on an early age. The topic of the poetry challenge will make children understand how important it is to save the environment through different ways like planting trees, recycling, composting, and many more related ways. Earth Day should not be celebrated in one day it should be celebrated everyday by making the Earth a cleaner and better place to live in. There are other ways for children to know the importance of Earth it can be through big or small ways as long as they know how to care for the planet is enough.

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