_November is a time for reflection and giving thanks. As the holidays approach, we continue our series of helpful articles for parents with a special emphasis on gratitude. Visit our Facebook page to benefit from our weekly parenting column, share your stories and to join the ongoing conversation.

Here are the articles you can look forward to reading on our blog and on Facebook in November:

·         The Art of the Thank-You Note--The handwritten letter is a dying art form. As we encourage our Facebook fans to show gratitude in the month of November, this article will be a guide to writing good letters and thank-you notes. We will outline what makes a good letter and give parents tips on how to teach their children to write and appreciate letters.

·         Rituals of Gratitude--Rituals, such as holiday traditions or weekly outings, provide a foundation for family identity. This article will provide tips for making gratitude and reflection a fun and meaningful family habit.

·         How to Thank a Teacher--There are more ways to thank teachers along with entering them in the Kumon Thank a Teacher Contest. In this article, we’ll offer up ways that parents can support their children’s teachers at various stages: elementary, middle and high school. We will interview teachers and include their tips in the article.

·         Tips from the Study Smart Sweepstakes--This article gathers together the best study tips from the Study Smart Sweepstakes to help keep parents inspired as homework increases and the hectic schedule of the holidays approaches.

Also, thank you to all who entered the “Smart Study Tips” contest. Your study tips have inspired the entire Kumon community.

We also hope to see your participation in the conversations on Facebook and Twitter throughout the month.



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I am looking forward to this informative information!


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06/01/2017 03:06

Thanking someone is a personal courtesy and it is a must. It is a sign of respect and good ethics. Formal letters are provided for thanking someone. However, you can also thank someone personally. Your post is beneficial because it shows different ways to write a thank you letter. Students must apply these so they can have an insight on how to thank someone formally.

04/04/2017 02:01

I didn't know that November is month of thanksgiving! Since being thankful to everything has been on my system since I was child, everyday is a day where I talk to Him just to say thank you. In my parents, I usually hug and kiss them. That's my way of giving back to them. It feels good to thanks people around you!

04/18/2017 09:45

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