We know it is cold outside for most of us so the team at A Dream Education wanted to provide families with a list of themed based activities,  lessons plans and crafts you can do over the weekend.  We plan to have a list posted early each Saturday morning for your weekend enjoyment.  This week we have:
Polar Bear Plate Craft
Layered Salt Artwork  
Snowflake Garland
The Bear says Grr, the people say Brr..
Activity: Polar Bear Plate Craft. This art project is fun, fuzzy and fantastic. You can add a tongue depressor or popsicle stick and the children can use their plate as a mask or in creative play . While doing this activity discuss hibernation,  why, where and when animals hibernate and when the craft is complete the children can reenact a skit about hibernating bears. Make learning fun!! 

Age:  Pre-k - 3rd grade / 4 - 8 years 

Area: Art, Creative Play

Close your eye's you are on a sandy beach in January.

Activity: Layered Salt Artwork - Make science fun with this art display.  This is a very easy activity and with younger children you can teach color recognition, primary and secondary colors.

Age: preschool - 6th grade / 3 - 11 years

Area: Science 

Let it Snow!!
Activity:  Snowflake Garland  - You can incorporate Math and Art in this fun activity that most ages will enjoy. Get creative with your older children and tell them what types of shapes to include: rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, ect. Ask your younger ones how many sides does an triangle have as your make these unique decorations.  You can also use coffee filters and food coloring to decorate your snowflakes.
Age: preschool - 6th grade / 3 - 11 years
Area: Math, Art

Today's Tuesday Tip explains the importance of Math and What Do Mathematicians Do?

A mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas.
--- G. K. Hardy (from A Mathematician's Apology, London 1941)

What Do Mathematicians Do?
Mathematicians are often asked by friends, family, colleagues in other fields, and strangers: "What do mathematicians do?" Mathematicians make it possible to send secure emails and buy things online. Mathematicians are essential to analyze data and design accurate models in fields as diverse as biology and finance. Because of the prevalence of the computer at work and at play, mathematicians will continue to touch everyone in modern society.

Many people are familiar with mathematicians in academia, but mathematicians also work in many other fields, including:
  • Astronomy and space exploration
  • Climate study
  • Medicine
  • National security
  • Robotics
  • Animated films
A career in Mathematics can be fun as well as rewarding. The American Mathematical Society explains which jobs require a college math degree, how to choose a university, and how to find financial aid. The American Mathematical Society also includes links to career information from other mathematical professional organizations.